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Friday, January 13, 2017

Ravenskill - Dream Theater

Morning breaks
Beyond the night
If she is worlds away

Through crowded streets
This quiet hooded stranger makes her break

"Please excuse me;
Sir, can you help me
Where can I find this man?"
"Sorry, can't speak, someone is waiting"
"Yes, I understand."

As her will starts to fade
And all but disappears
Like a ghost, suddenly a boy standing there
And all is clear
"I'm your friend, trust me, don't be scared.
I am looking for your father, and I promise I can help.
Now take my hand, we haven't time to spare."

Hopeful and innocent
Sensing no danger
He sees humanity
Behind the stranger's eyes

Her true identity
Will be revealed when she sheds her disguise

My intentions are faithful
There's a chance we can still end this game
I'd be forever grateful
To see him once again

"You dare to stand
before my eyes!
You're one of them
Why would I trust you"

"It's not like that!
I can't go back
Hope fades away with each passing second"

Lost in this moment
Is where I want to stay
This can't be broken
We need to find a way

Gabriel, I would wait a lifetime
Just to see your face
But all we have is one more day

I remember your father was moved by my song
I know when he sees we're united, then he'll understand
We will walk this road together
We will face this hand in hand
With music and love on our side
We can't lose this fight

Tomorrow our dream comes alive
Comes alive

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