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Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Last Kiss - Reza feat. Masaki Ueda

Please forgive my sweet love
The way we can worked it out
I say the love beneath down inside

I just can't forget of you by my side
When your body next to mine
Hold me in your arms tonite
Please don't say a word
I don't want to kill the passion
That'ill be there
How am I suppose to leave you here
If you never ask me too
You and I will never say good bye
and we never even wonder why.

Even though we're sharing such a moment
I have that feeling that one of us is leaving
I see you rise and try to tell me
This is our last kiss
From thousands kisses never let your heart
Could that be the last kiss
Could be that last good bye
For everything but love
I give you all my love
All the best I can
I guessed you never know how much I really try
Tell me why I should even care if
I try to loose your love

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