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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Behind the Veil - Dream Theater

What would possess you to justify
Such dark and twisted ways
What kind of monster would come to feast
When the devil shows his face
What does it take for life to change
And a mind to lose control
Cruelly left you to suffer the blame
After all the lies you told

I am finding courage in my darkest hour
I am bent, not broken
Calling out

Someone save me, look behind the veil
Please don't walk away
Someone save me, bring me home tonight
I can't face another day

Can you see the stranger
Hiding in plain sight
Feeding on the chaos
When the lightning strikes
There's no redemption
There's no being saved
There's no salvation
For a soul depraved

You are finding promise in your finest hour
You are bent, not broken
Calling out

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