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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Astonishing - Dream Theater

Brother, can you hear me?
His life is in your hands
He is just a child,
And still too young to understand

Show him love and courage
The freedom knows no bounds
Tell him he could
Never let me down

I've always had the answer
All this time I held the key
And now that I see
The reason to believe
I can be the man who I am meant to be

Because of you I live again
Now I can be a voice for change
And help to build a world that's fair and true
So they can live the life they never knew

On the road to revolution
There are lessons to be learned
All the things you thought that mattered
Are lost at every turn

When the light of my existence
Was slipping through my hands
Pride and ignorance receded
To reveal the humbled man

My prince, my son
You got lost along the way
In light of this new burden that you face
You are forgiven at this day

People, can you hear us?
Peace has been restored
The silence has been broken
Music reigns forever more

We sing the song of freedom
Together we are bound
People, we shall never hold you down

We will build a world on common ground
And we'll live once more
Eternally in harmony
Our lives will be ASTONISHING AGAIN

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