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Friday, January 13, 2017

A Tempting Offer - Dream Theater

Trustful boy
Unaware who's watching
Open the door
I am right behind you

Don't resist me child
There's no use in fighting
We'll be here a while
Do you recognize me

Look into my eyes
I'm the face of freedom
When daddy does arrive
He's in for a surprise

How dare you step inside my home
(His life is in my hands)
You monster, leave my son alone
(You do know who I am)
Your love will keep me strong
(He's just a boy, he's done no wrong)
This fight's not his to lose
(I have everything you want)
Your next decision will decide his fate
So listen to the words I have to say

Give up the Chosen One
And you will guarantee your son
Lives the life you never had

Wealth and prosperity
Beyond what you have ever seen
And best of all, Xander will be free

He'll never want again
It's such an easy choice
Just think about your son

And I won't have to stand
In Faythe's dark shadow anymore
I am through with being pushed aside
Tired of fighting for my father's pride
Take an evening to decide.

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