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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Unknown Soldier - Toto

Thousands of my brothers lay before me
A hallowed ground like ghosts I hear them cry
Young men taking bullets fordstrum blood smoke and fear

As I enter the valley of death and heartache
A river of blood as far as I can see
Angry and confused it's hard to stand and walk the line

Shine on unknown soldiers

They fought and died at Gettysburg and Shiloh
They're still fighting in the town where I was born
Nothing seems to change in this world that we see

Sail on unknown soldier

Only God knows all the unknown soldiers
How did they learn to hold a gun?
Was it just that got the oil to keep the enemy off our shores

Sail on unknown soldier

The tears that fall for innocence around us
The cry for peace is truly never heard
Why can't we see that history tells us
Nothing's ever learned?

Shine on unknown soldiers

Sail on unknown soldiers

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