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Friday, February 3, 2017

Star Of Life - Nike Ardila

When I Hear It In My Ears 
Whispering So Sure And Grace 
Someting Day I Left Behind
All You Said Is Our Mine
Even Know Is Sort Fine
All Alone Is Be You Behind

Yes, I Have To Decide
Coz I M Broke Devine 
Of The Low That Is All Mine

For Away I M Broke My Nise
Deep Inside I Full Of Those
Asking You To Go Away
Let Be Here All Alone
Let Be Rain Is Before
I Will Love With You Once More
I Want In To In The Sky
Like Tomorrow Is Just Star
And The Future Will Be Mine

Dark I Night I M Sitting All Alone
Wondering Why Love Has Gone Oooooo
I Dont Belive Wish Hearing Will Our Know
Kind The Night That Is True
Loving You Ever Know 
You Will Fine Anymore

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