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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Dance With Me - Tompi

There are lots of bands playing tonight
A funk, soul, hip hop and swing
A big band concert under the stars
So what are u waiting for
lets have fun tonite

For some gals and gents.
All of those events can burn
Ur nite up but you'd rather
go to a place. I know where
I can hold you in my arms

So you can dance,
So you can sing
Na na na
Hey there cute,
put in your dancing boots
And come dance with me,
Come dance with me.
Lets have fun tonite.
And all you gotta do just sing.
Na na na na na na

Pretty face,
I know A swinging place,
So come dance with me
come dance with me
on a crowded floor
Move your step
Na na na na na na

Hey, come dance with me and
let my music flow in your mind

Let my music flow in your mind

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