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Friday, October 28, 2016

Tractor - Gigi

An old man walks across the ruins
Looking at what is left
His land was stolen in a flash
And no one give a damn

A woman down and screams so loud
Nothing she can do
Her children cry her baby dry
Mom, what should we do (what is that)
Oh Where they would stay tonight
Tell me why they have to get rid off
Show me how we build the city ground
Lay waste to all around

They're lying on the edge of town
Searching to survive
Skid row must be destroyed
Oh, destruction all around (lay waste to all around)

Is this a modern taste
Or is this a post modern needs
Well, this song was written in studio room
In a certain place in Jakarta
Right about the same time friend of mine told me
How good the city is
But friend tell me why have to get rid off everything in it
Do we give a hand to the needy
No, we don't
So sir, this is not about how to make money
This is about responsibility to each number of our society
Please, give them a little mercy

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