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Monday, September 19, 2016

Let's Say Love - Glenn Fredly

Life is a mystery
And to many untold stories
You can cry and laugh
You can hate and love
You can leave all things behind

Life is a chance don’t be afraid
Listen to your heart and grow your soul
We have so much time to learn
and making everything alright
And all we need, all we need is something to believe in

You need to know what makes you stronger
than before from term to term
People you love and give you smile
Strengthen happiness and keep your love alive
and if you ever have something

Something you truly believe in
and that can only be love
Spread your wings and fly
Away till you touch the sky yeah

Let us change the world with love
We can make a better future
and if we stand together as one

We don't need those bitter hearts
It's just so waste of time
It's time to share the love we have
cause that's the reason we all survive
Let's say love, love, love it's all about love
Let's say love, love, love it's all about love

It's all about love

Time goes by and life goes on
and we all stand together
and remember tomorrow will come
its all about
its all about love

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