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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Let Go - Glenn Fredly

You have never loved someone just like me before
I know you're finding the words to say
I see tears in your eyes, your trembling hands
It's hard to let go, I know

Just close your eyes
And let me kiss you and hold you tight
I promise I won't let go
Tonight, we'll share the love that we've been trying to hide
The whole world is sleeping tonight

And in the sky we'll fly together hand in hand
Don't mind the stars, somehow I know they understand
But you just stared at me and cried
How I hate it when you cry
And whispered you love me

But you can't, cause you've never love someone like me before
And wouldn't know what the world would say
I see fear in your eyes
I love you so
I've been there before
Come out and let go

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